CYNC Mini-Comic No. 1 is here!

Sookie and I are excited to announce that the first Carve Your Name Comics mini-comics are printed and ready for mass consumption 🙂 We will be selling copies of the book at FLUKE mini-comics fest this weekend, but we have also received a number of requests for purchasing the book on-line. We’ve set up an Etsy page where you can order the book using PayPal.  If you don’t want to order from Etsy, shoot us an email at, and we will send you instructions for mailing payment to us.  Also, if you’re local, we can do an in-person transaction.

The books are each $3.00, plus $1.00 for shipping if you order from Etsy.  The book includes over 10 of our comics spread out across 36 pages.  This means new layouts and revised text!  Each book is hand-numbered, with hand-colored features by Sookie on the cover and back page.

The first printing run is a mere 60 copies, so act fast! We will print more by request but only the first 60 will be hand-numbered.

Orders may be placed at Sookie Lou’s Etsy Page!

Here are some sample pages from the book:

The cover of CYNC Mini-comic No. 1 with hand-colored features by Sookie!

The first 60 copies are hand-numbered!

Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy the book!

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