CYNC guest comic is up at Funny Shorts Comics!

Read these super kind words about our comic and check out our special guest comic over at Funny Shorts Comic We love their weekly comics (updated on Sundays) and really appreciate the opportunity to be part of their guest comic group!

“Carve Your Name Comics is an oddity. In today’s ultra-slick world of Comicpress sites and flashing ads Rachel and Johnny have put together an understated, almost empty wordpress site that features almost nothing to distract you from the comics that appear on it.

And what wonderful comics they are! Each story has at its heart a fortune cookie; some simple little phrase that contains a statement falling somewhere between pure philosophical truth and utter triteness. And it is this balancing act of the fortune cookie that so perfectly informs the comics that are drawn around them. The stories are everyday, slice-of-life style of things, drawn in an almost impossible to explain or duplicate style. With a quick glance one could easily brush off the art as simple or childish, but with anything more than a cursory glance that dismissal is proven totally unfounded. The beauty of the line work and the perfectly conceived backgrounds remind us that we are not looking at the work of a child or a simpleton, but someone who is invested with creating a believable and memorable world in a unique voice. A world that is so similar to one’s own that it sometimes feels as if the reader is not following the adventures of Johnny but of himself. The bright colors add yet another layer of complexity, never matching the world we live in perfectly, but always shining forth to show a world which our imaginations are very familiar with.”

A sneak peek!

A sneak peek!

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